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Sorab Vesuna
16 Reviews

JUL, 2020
We are a small business and having purchased some equipment from USA were looking to ship it to Burnaby, BC. We don't have any experience in shipping and didn't need any. Using Freightera was very straightforward, simple and fast. They were super responsive and competitive. Great job Freightera. Thank you.
Mathieu Sasseville
70 Reviews

JUL, 2020
Very easy to quote, book and track shipments. For someone new to logistics, it really makes things simple, with great prices too! Will use again!
Barbara Bikadi Weisz
1 Review

JUL, 2020
Even though we had some difficulties with the trucking company, Freightera was very helpful to assist until shipment arrived. I highly recommend their services.
Jocelyn Perry
10 Reviews

JUN, 2020
Best freight company ever! Easy fast shipping quote and humans are available Via phone and email if you need some help. I will only ever use Freightera for all my shipping needs! Wonderful service and pricing! The best!
Terry Thorne
1 Review

JUN, 2020
We set up our first shipment with Freightera entirely online and in under 15 minutes... We needed to get a freight quote ASAP... Freightera was the only site out of 8 that we tried that actually gave us quotes instantaneously and their prices were excellent. We placed the order, paid Freightera for the freight, and the item shipped and arrived without any issues. In the past I've missed auctions that I should have jumped on, and bought things that cost far too much to ship, so I'll definitely be using Freightera more in the future.
Patti Payne
1 Review

MAY, 2020
We have used the services of Freightera a few times now transporting products to other provinces and they have been amazing. Very professional and immediate treatment. We had a last minute cancellation and we refunded 100% of our money, expecting to have a fee to pay. The employees go above and beyond to make sure that your shipment goes smoothly as possible.
Laura Meade
1 Review

MAR, 2020
Amazing customer service and extremely fair pricing. The staff worked with me on how to best prepare my item for shipment and were extremely helpful. Honestly I have nothing bad to say and it kind of seems too good to be true as it is hard to find companies like this that are actually this helpful! Thank you for your service...
Provost Glass & Door
3 Reviews

FEB 2020
We just received our first shipment with Freightera from PA USA to AB Canada and I must say it was a very good experience. I would highly recommend their services and we will definitely be using them again.
Luumi Life
1 Review

FEB, 2020
Fast, economic, and better tracking and customer support than ANY of the other logistics companies I have used in the past. Definitely recommend checking them out.
Store Fixture Showcase
1 Review

OCT, 2019
We use FREIGHTERA to ship 2 pallets to USA customer. The shipment goes very smoothly. Fast and safe. And the freight [price] is quite reasonable. Much cheaper than other suppliers. Will definitely use FREIGHTERA services next time.
Ellen Chen
2 Reviews

OCT, 2019
Great service with very competitive rate. Information and process is always updated. Love it!
Micaela Carron
4 Reviews

OCT, 2019
So glad I found Freighera!! Previously I had to consistently spend hours searching for pricing for our large shipments, answering the same questions for each carrier, waiting days for a response and having to remember to follow up, still not confident I was getting the best price out there...
Meet The Moose
6 Reviews

Mar, 2019
We were quite hesitant to try out Freightera for our regular shipments from the US to Canada, however the experience with very first shipment with Freightera turned out to be extremely smooth which was supported by excellent and professional customer support. I had over 12 queries ranging from BOL, custom packaging, pickup time, amendments on BOL, delivery time and more...
Nadir Chaudhry
2 Reviews

Feb, 2019
I recently used Freightera for an LTL shipment cross-border for my business for the first time.

My shipment was picked up, transported and delivered without any issues. The experience was seamless, and the pre and post customer service was outstanding. I found the rates to be very good as well, and the ratings that they give the carriers seem to be very...
Kurt Uy
21 Reviews

Feb, 2019
Excellent customer service!

I can't say enough about how they took care of me especially since it was my first time. They were the only company that was so helpful over the phone without constantly asking me to go to their website. Shout out to Helio and Henrique who made my experience even better! Definitely going to continue to use them again.
Carlos Barrozzi
1 Review

Jan, 2019
If there was a way to give 6 stars, I'd give them 6.

While we are fairly experienced importers directly from China into the US, we had never shipped from Canada. Rebecca, our logistics coordinator extraordinaire, was knowledgeable, communicative and helped ensure that our merchandise was picked up on the correct day/time and delivered at a good price to our Amazon...
Masoud Hk
6 Reviews

Dec, 2018
Freighera is usually my number one choice for shipping inside Canada and USA.

The customer service team is very responsive and they do their best to assist and help in any way they can. Their online system is also a very nice and convenient way of tracking invoices and orders. I would highly recommend Freightera to anyone who likes to experience a smooth and easy...
Auburn Bay Community Association
1 Review

Nov, 2018
It was our first time shipping from the USA to Canada and they were the best quote for our shipment.

We are a small non-profit group and had to use (3) quotes. I had asked for same day pickup, with the expectation of it to be next day, but they were able to make it. We are impressed with the level of service. I hope the remainder will be the same with the delivery of the product. They will be our first...

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